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Celtics Beat Magic: The Celtics continued their winning streak for a ninth game on December 2 against Orlando Magic, with Paul Pierce scoring 24 points out of the gamewinning 107-88 victory. Said Doc Rivers: "I was really proud of our guys, because I told them it was going to be a physical game. We had to make it as physical as we could, and just hang in there. There's going to be calls made and calls not made when it's played that way."

Garnett Suspended For One Game Over Violence: Kevin Garnett has been suspended for one game due to hitting the Milwaukee Buck's Andrew Bogut in the face during the November 15th game. This verdict was handed down by the NBA. The missed game was on Nov. 18th against the New York Knicks.

Cassell Reminisces On His 39th: in an extensive interview to the Boston Globe, Sam Cassell talks about today's youth: "Basketball was my outlet. Kids today don't play basketball like when I was growing up. We would play all day every day. You go to Boston right now, a nice day like this, you'll see 20 courts empty. Twenty years ago, 30 years ago, those courts were filled with guys, everyone had something to prove. Now, it's video games."

Pierce Ruins the Hawks' Day: Paul Pierce ended the Atlanta Hawks' six-game season-opening sweep in the November 12th game with a 20-foot jumper in the final half-second of the game, winning the game 103-102. Kevin Garnett explained: "The last play was drawn up as get the ball to Paul Pierce and get the hell out of the way. Superman's in the booth. Let's go home."

Pierce's Hand Needs to Stay Sprained: Pierce has been icing his sprained hand for the last week, although he hasn't had an MRI or any other test. After the Hawks win, he said that the swelling is going down, but Garnett joked, "We're gonna keep the hand the way it is... We have to put some swelling on that."

Perkins vs. O'Neal: Kendrick Perkins and Raptors forward Jermaine O'Neal exchange heated words on the court after a foul against O'Neal. According to Perkins: “There’s always words exchanged. We do have something personal. That’s how we’ve been since we’ve been matching up. But you know, it is what it is.”

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Date Opponent Time Location
Dec 3 Indiana Pacers 7:30pm Boston
Dec 5 Portland Trail Blazers 8pm Boston
Dec 7 Indiana Pacers 6pm Indiana

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