Donald Ray Chaney (born March 22, 1946 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana) is an American former professional Basketball player and coach, most notable for his long stints as a player on the Boston Celtics.

Career as a playerEdit

Chaney played basketball in college for the University of Houston and played all 40 minutes of the famed "Game of the Century" at the Astrodome. That year Chaney became the first-round pick (12th overall) of the Boston Celtics in the 1968 NBA Draft.

Don became a 1969 NBA Finals champion with the Boston Celtics during his rookie year. He would also help the Celtics toward winning the 1974 NBA Finals. He had two stints with the Boston Celtics (1968-1975, and 1977-1980), for which he is most notable. He also had a short two season stint with the Los Angeles Lakers from 1976-1978, and also played in the ABA for one year with the Spirits of St. Louis from 1975-1976. Chaney was mostly known for his defensive skills, providing adequate numbers in minutes off the bench.

Chaney is the only Boston Celtic member who has played with both Bill Russell (1956–1969) and Larry Bird (1979–1992).

Career as a coachEdit

22 seasons as a coach (9 as NBA head coach):

Personal lifeEdit

Chaney is a big fan of doing "daredevil" type stunts. He has done numerous skydives, and has been a racecar driver in his spare time.


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