Dontae Jones 1

Dontae' Jones in action

Dontae' Antijuaine Jones (born June 2 1975 in Nashville, Tennessee) is anAmerican professional Basketball player formerly of the Boston Celtics of the NBA.

Jones was named MVP of the 1996 SEC Men's Basketball Tournament after leading Mississippi State University in their win over top-ranked University of Kentucky in the SEC tournament championship game. Later that year he led Mississippi State to the NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four, picking up a Regional MVP honor along the way.

He was selected out of Mississippi State University as the 21st pick by the New York Knicks in the 1996 NBA Draft but was traded, along with Walter McCarty, John Thomas (basketball) and Scott Brooks to the Celtics in exchange for Chris Mills shortly before the 1997-98 season began (he had previously taken part in no games in 1996-97 with the Knicks due to a foot injury).

After his NBA season, Jones played for the Memphis Houn'Dawgs in American Basketball Association (21st century), and in Greece, Turkey, Italy and Korea.

An apostrophe was intentionally placed on the end of his first name by his mother for distinctiveness.


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