Freeman Williams (born May 15 1956) is a retired American college and professional Basketball player. He was the 1978 NCAA men's basketball Division I scoring champion, and the Portland State University all-time scoring leader. Williams was the NCAA Division I national men's basketball individual scoring leader in 1977 and 1978. Williams was a consensus second team All-American in 1978. He is second in Division I history in scoring, trailing only Pete Maravich. He was born in Los Angeles, California.

He was a 1978 first round draft pick (8th overall) by the Boston Celtics. His pro playing career started in 1978 with the San Diego Clippers. He finished in the top 10 for three point field goals in three consecutive seasons, 1980 through 1982. In December 1980, Freeman became the first Clippers player to win a Player of the Month award, and the only one in franchise history until Elton Brand did so 25 years later.

In September 1982, Freeman Williams was traded by the Atlanta Hawks along with John Drew (basketball), and cash to the Utah Jazz in exchange for Dominique Wilkins who was drafted by the Jazz and refused to sign. After that season (1982-83), Williams only played in 27 more games: 18 with Utah in 1983 and nine with the Washington Bullets in 1986.

Freeman had a small part in the 1992 film White Men Can't Jump, playing fictional playground legend Duck Johnson.

Stats Edit

1978-79 Clippers 72 16.6 1.4 1.2 10.4
1979-80 Clippers 82 25.8 2.3 2.0 18.6
1980-81 Clippers 82 24.1 1.6 2.0 19.3
1981-82 Clippers/Hawks 60 16.6 1.0 1.4 12.0
1982-83 Jazz 18 11.7 0.9 0.6 5.1
1985-86 Bullets 9 12.2 1.3 0.8 7.7
Career 6 Seasons 323 20.5 1.6 1.6 14.7


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