Boston v. Houston
Quarter; 1 2 3 4 Final
BOS (3-1) 28 30 23 22 103
HOU (3-1) 22 31 25 21 99

Hungry for a win after Sunday's loss to Indiana, the Celtics were victorious in their election night game against the Houston Rockets. According to ESPN, the Celtics were more concerned about avoiding a losing streak than they were about the buzz they've heard about the Rockets. Ray Allen told CNN: ""With Artest coming here, I know they see what we did the previous summer in having three guys who really can play and really can score... You have a tendency to get caught in the hype of the wrong team and you start to believe it. What we did, we came out here, we lost the last game, and we needed to come out here and do the things we do that make us successful." [1]

And successful they were, causing the Rockets to have their first loss of the season. Not only did the Celtics manage to shut down Rockets powerhouses Ron Artest and Yao Ming, but Boston also improved 5-1 in the last 6 games at Houston. Yao Ming was scoreless for the entire fourth quarter, later admitting to CNN that this was one of his worst games of all time.

Ray Allen was the games top scorer at 29 points, followed by Kevin Garnett in his special election day sneakers with 14 points and 11 rebounds. While Tracy McGrady scored 26 points, he could not his team to defeat the Celtics. McGrady may have been able to turn things around for his team when the score was 101-99, but when he rose for a three-pointer he was fouled by Tony Allen.


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