| birth_place = Inglewood, California | highschool = Palos Verdes | college = Oral Roberts | draft = 2nd round, 16th pick | draft_year = 1985 | draft_team = Dallas Mavericks | career_start = 1987 | career_end = 1993 | former_teams = Boston Celtics (1987-1989)
Orlando Magic (1989-1992)
Houston Rockets (1992)
Washington Bullets (1993) | awards = }}

Mark Richard Acres (born November 15 1962 in Inglewood, California) is a retired American professional basketball player who spent his career in the NBA. He was a 6'11", forward/center.

Acres attended Oral Roberts University and was drafted in the second round, sixteenth pick of the 1985 NBA Draft by the Dallas Mavericks.

He now works at J.H Hull Middle School, where he coaches physical education.

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